Monday, February 28, 2022

MFT Sketch #582

Welcome to another sketch challenge from My Favorite Things. For this week's sketch, I've used the Main Squeeze stamps and dies along with the Distressed Patterns splatter stamp. I really like how this turned out.

Also made a coordinating envelope since I had a few pieces that didn't fit on the card front. 
Isn't the yellow pretty? I'm not usually a fan of yellow, but since they are lemons.... LOL.
Only needed foam tape on the top most piece as there is plenty of dimension and texture from the leaves stuck into the chicken wire die cut. 
This is what started it. :)

Product list:
My Favorite Things, Main Squeeze stamps *retired
My Favorite Things, Main Squeeze dies *retired
My Favorite Things, Distressed Patterns
My Favorite Things, Smooth White cardstock
My Favorite Things, Black & White Stripe 6x6 paper pad
My Favorite Things, Lemon Drop dye ink cube
Hero Arts, Chain linked Fancy Die
Copic, Xpress it blending card
Copic, Sketch Markers
     YG17 YG21 YG23
     Y00 Y02 Y18
Foam tape

Sunday, February 27, 2022

This happened....

Saturday my sister and I visited our fave tattoo artist. I had drawn my design after pouring over tons of images on the internet and combined the parts I wanted into one image. Ben did a great job and I love the result. It's on my outer right forearm. 

I may do a little altering to the small image on the right and possibly add that sometime later. We'll see. 

This was the first and second, inside left wrist/forearm.

Saturday, February 26, 2022


Can't get any fresher than right off the tree in the backyard! Our lovely Airbnb hosts have shared with us their lemon crop several times since we got here in December. 

I have totally been enjoying lemon slices in my water...

in my tea when I was sick...

and now in these Luscious Lemon Bars my mom used to make. So good. (see the Recipes tab for the recipe.)

Enjoy your weekend, and maybe do some baking while you pray for peace. God be with the people of the Ukraine. 

Thursday, February 24, 2022

Gerda Steiner Design Challenge

I'm back with another design for the Gerda Steiner's February Challenge. For today's card, I used the new release, Garden Critters and Ladybugs bundle. These little guys are so adorable. I love Gerda's sweet critters. The sentiments I used are included in the ladybug set. Hope you like.

The tiny hearts are from a set by My Favorite Things (see product list below).
The fishtail tags and background splat are also by My Favorite Things.
Product List:
Gerda Steiner Designs, Garden Critters stamps
Gerda Steiner Designs, Garden Critters dies
Gerda Steiner Designs, Ladybugs stamps
Gerda Steiner Designs, Ladybugs dies
My Favorite Things, Distressed patterns stamps (background splat)
My Favorite Things, It's Penguin-ning to Look a Lot Like Christmas (tiny hearts)
My Favorite Things, Limelight ink cube
My Favorite Things, Wild Cherry ink cube
My Favorite Things, Very Merry 6x6 paper pad retiring! Get it now before it's gone
My Favorite Things, Smooth White cardstock
Copic Xpress it blending card
Copic Sketch Markers
     YG01 YG21 YG23 YG25
     R17 R46
Foam tape, glossy accents, tuxedo black Memento ink

Monday, February 21, 2022

My Favorite Things, Color Challenge #183

Today's card is for the current Color Challenge for My Favorite Things. I used the adorable Mice Day to Celebrate stamp set. 

Background is a stamp from the Mice Day to Celebrate set which is actually sprinkles for the cupcake. I thought it would be cute as confetti.

Product List:

My Favorite Things, Mice Day to Celebrate stamps and dies
My Favorite Things, Cool Collab 6x6 paper pad
My Favorite Things, Ink cubes Razzleberry, Berrylicious discontinued colors
My Favorite Things, Smooth White cardstock
Gerda Steiner Designs, Up on the Housetop (presents)
Heidi Swapp, heidi (tiny alpha letters)
Copic Xpress it blending card
Copic Sketch Markers
     BG05 BG45 BG57
     C0 C00
     E43 E47 E70
     R20 RV13 RV14 RV17
     W1 YR30
Foam tape

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Tales from the Train

Train travel is something I've always wanted to try, but there was really no place I wanted to go in a time frame that suggested taking the train. Seems we are always in a hurry to get where we're going so we take a plane, if distance is an issue, right? Generally speaking, that is. So, with Covid affecting when, where, and how we travel the past couple of years, my sister and I were limited when it became a need to see the parental units recently. Being over a thousand miles away, we weren't going to drive it, and we weren't able to find a flight that worked for our schedules and time frame, not to mention the airport is a couple of hours away from our final destination which would require renting a car, so we put on our thinking caps and began surveying our options. Traveling the rails is what it boiled down to. Take the train! And it was so.

The point of our trip was to visit our parents who had been having a few health issues. Thankfully, those issues turned out to be minor-ish and we could relax, but until you get there, you only have hearsay and phone calls to go on, right? Anyway, on with the story. 

We left the house at 4:30 a.m. (yes, that would be morning time😴) and arrived at the Santa Fe Station in San Diego an hour early for our train. Now, the website tells you if you have bags to check, get there an hour early. You know, like at the airport. Well, we stand at the counter forever and a day and figure nobody is up yet (LOL) so we go sit down. As soon as we sit down, the guy goes to the window. Of course. So we go back up to the counter to check bags and there is no such service. We are told to wait for the train and take care of that later. Hmm. Ok. So the hour eventually passes and our train (a commuter train to Los Angeles) arrives. Again, no such thing as checking our bag really. No big. There is plenty of room for our bags where we are sitting until we get to L.A. when we will switch trains. Then our roomette will be available for the remainder of our trip north. We're excited!

We made it! Our teensy little room is so cute and just perfect for what we need. Of course, we had to begin the trip with tasty bevs, and we just so happened to have these strawberries in the fridge that couldn't be left behind for the whole week. 
What a perfect addition to our celebratory bon voyage toast! What. Doesn't everyone pack champagne flutes and strawberries when they travel?! 😁
It was wonderful to get underway. Let the Yahtzee tournament begin. 
A view from the Coast Starlight. I grew up on Puget Sound. I love the water and I miss it so much living in the high desert of Eastern Washington. Wow, I needed this view. 
The food on the train is really good. Really good. And, as you can see, there is a lot in a meal. We ended up sharing most meals as there was just so much food and we are not heavy eaters. This was the grilled cheese sandwich with coleslaw and veggie chips. Yum. It is the only food picture I took.  

We enjoyed our lunch, took a nap, and played more Yahtzee. It was a beautiful day. But this is where tales from the train takes a tragic turn. Yes, our first train trip, our first day. Around 4:30 p.m. we came to an unscheduled stop in the little town of Paso Robles, California. The announcement came over the intercom that there was an injury accident on the track (click link for story). Little did we know at that moment, how long our unscheduled stop would continue. And continue it did. The power was out off and on, mostly off, and a replacement crew had to be brought on, which was about two and a half hours out. We had dinner in the dining car, and what a strange experience that was. Dark and quiet, the only talk that was going on was between a waiter and a couple who seemed to know him, as they shared the full story of the accident. Horrific. That's all I can say about that. May she rest in peace and may her family be comforted as much as possible. We were finally under way again after about a five and a half hour delay. 

So. That was our first day on the train. I must say though, when our attendant turned down the beds and we got ready for sleep, it came easily. We were both awoken multiple times during the night by sounds unfamiliar to us, but we both wake during the night even at home, so it wasn't an awful sleep or anything. In fact, the rocking of the train really was rather soothing. Except for that one small stretch where it felt like I was sleeping on that one wheel of the shopping cart that goes flat. (ker-CHUNK ker-CHUNK ker-CHUNK). πŸ˜‚

Our second day on the train was so lovely. Until..... the announcement came over the intercom, "The train Gods hate us." About two miles ahead of us was a derailed train - multiple cars off the tracks! Of course, that had to be cleared up before we could continue. By this time, our second crew had maxed out their hourly limit and had to be replaced. Luckily, the next crew wasn't as far out as the first crew. 

We continued our Yahtzee tournament as the day progressed. And believe it or not, as soon as we went through the tunnel, we BOTH rolled Yahtzees!! Isn't that crazy!? I even took a picture to prove it. HAHAHAHA!!!
On we go after a couple of hours delay. Glad to be chugging along again. Until.....the poor Conductor again came over the intercom with another announcement. A freight train ahead of us was broken down and needed to be repaired before it could move any further down the track. The same track we were on. Holy Moses. What the heck....our THIRD delay! And again, because of time limits and shift constraints, we needed a THIRD crew change. Mind you, this was all before we even got out of California! Thank goodness we had a roomette so we were able to play Yahtzee and nap and whatever, just a few doors down from the bathroom, so really, it could have been so much worse as far as comfort goes.
The remainder of the train trip was great, and we finally pulled into the train station in Tacoma, Washington, TEN HOURS BEHIND SCHEDULE. 

We had an awesome visit with fam. Parents are doing good other than the likely upcoming surgery for dad's hand (which, at this point, we believe to be carpal tunnel or some variation) and we were glad to learn there are friends/neighbors close enough who look in on them occasionally, which made it so much easier to say goodbye also. 
The train trip back was completely uneventful when compared to our trip north. We were able to rest and relax, and really enjoy it all the more. Despite the events and delays of our first day, we would both happily take the train again. If you are not in a hurry and don't have a tight schedule, it is really worth the extra time if you ask me. Get a roomette if you want privacy or will be riding overnight, and you won't regret it. 

The last picture I took from the train. 
We will never forget our first train trip. The tragedy on our first day, the multiple delays that became almost comedic after soooooo.....many.....hours..... and the relief of seeing our parents for ourselves and knowing they are doing so much better than they were described to us was HUGE. 

If I can avoid the airport, man I'll do it. What a headache. Ride the rails, that's my advice! Thanks for visiting the studio. Feel free to comment or email me. Just remember to include your own email address in your message/comment/email if you would like a reply. 

Sunday, February 06, 2022

Clickity clack, I'll be right back!

 Hey crafty friends! 

Just wanted to leave a quick note that I'll be away from all craftyness for the next week or so. Hubs will on his own in the Airbnb. (Say a prayer. LOL) My sister and I are going to visit the folks and the fam for a few days. This means mimosas and Yahtzee in place of crafting, which does not hurt my feelings.

You may remember previous adventures with my sister; we've been to Hawaii ...

and New York together,

and our cruises have taken us to France, Spain, Greece, Italy, British Virgin Islands, the Bahamas, and more; 

but with the past couple of years of Covid turmoil, our cruising has been put on the back burner. Needless to say, we are extra excited for this little vacay, not just because we'll get to see the fam, but also because this will be our first time traveling since our Thanksgiving in the Big Apple in 2019. Plus, it will our first time traveling by TRAIN!                                             

I'm looking forward to the view from the train while we enjoy mimosas and Yahtzee in our roomette on the Coast Starlight. I think my sister is most excited that we can BOOB (bring our own booze) so I'm glad they don't weigh our luggage. LOL!!!  Do you get the feeling my life is nothing but crafting, mimosas and Yahtzee ... with a little travel tossed in occasionally? LOL Hey, no complaints here!!! 

See you next week! :)

Friday, February 04, 2022

MFT Challenge, Sketch #579

For this week's sketch challenge for My Favorite Things, I've used one of the chefs from the Recipe for Happiness stamp set. This is one of my top favorite Birdie Brown stamp sets.

Spaghetti and meatballs, garlic bread, and "ciao!" sentiment are from the Bear Ware Grand Tour set by Ellen Hutson.
Foam tape for dimension, because dimension, of course!
My Favorite Things, Sketch #579    

Product List:
My Favorite Things, Recipe for Happiness stamps and dies
My Favorite Things, Smooth White cardstock
My Favorite Things, Skinny Strips dies
My Favorite Things, Happy Trails 6x6 paper pad *retired
Ellen Hutson, Bear Ware Grand Tour stamps and dies (spaghetti, bread, ciao!)
Copic Sketch Markers (My apologies; I don't have a color list this time.)
Doodlebug, Made With Love 6x6 paper pad (cutlery paper)
Foam tape, circle dies

Wednesday, February 02, 2022

Gerda Steiner, February Design Challenge

For my first entry in the February Challenge, I used these fabby frogs. I've wanted them for a long time and finally added them to my stash. I have lots of other plans for using them, but they will have to wait until we get home and I have full access to my craft room again. :) So be sure to watch future posts for more frogs.

To make the water effect, I used the Splash layering stencil by Tim Holtz (you can see this a little better in the second photo).
In addition to the frogs, I incorporated the sun and clouds from the Good Day set from Ellen Hutson, sentiments also from Ellen Hutson, and rocks and foliage from My Favorite Things.

Product List:
Gerda Steiner Designs, Frogs (English version)
My Favorite Things, Smooth White cardstock
My Favorite Things, BB Adorable Adventures (rocks)
My Favorite Things, Winter Songbird (plant sprigs)
My Favorite Things, Sno Cone dye ink cube (water)
Tim Holtz, Splash layering stencil, TH008
Tim Holtz, Tumbled Glass distress ink cube (sky)
Ellen Hutson, Good Day stamp set (clouds/sun)
Ellen Hutson, Little Gentleman stamps (sentiments)
Copic Xpress it blending card
Copic Sketch markers
C1 C6 G07 YG01 YG03 YG13 YG17 YG25
Foam tape, glossy accents, white pen