Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Cutest Little Witch

Even at 10 months, Grace knew that this night was not like other nights. Cyndi had made her black satin dress and put Gracie in her shiny black party shoes and funny little witch hat headband to come trick-or-treating at Grama's house. When I opened the door and told her how pretty she was, she nearly turned inside out with pride. Is that the cutest little toofy smile or what? LOL (Compare this to her smile in the fashionista layout. When she beams, she really beams. :) And, you know, she never bothered that headband at all and left it on all night. What a precious little witch she was.

I'm Ready

This one is actually a prequel to Day 1 - Kindergarten begins. She waited forever by the front door until it was finally time to leave for the bus.

future fashionista

I made this purple sundress, which Grace wanted to wear every day when she was here last spring. I had to wash it while she slept. LOL But she put on this "outfit" -- purple sundress, pink slippers, blue jacket -- to go outside and blow bubbles. She cracked me up when she came out in this get-up, but when I told her how beautiful she looked and could I take her picture, you would have thought I had just given her the world. She was so proud her eyes sparkled like stars. She is so sweet and I sure miss my scrapping buddy. Easter can't come soon enough for me when she'll be here for spring break.

My Girl

Look at this sweet little face. This page will go in Gracie's "baby's first year" album.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Day 1 - Kindergarten Begins

Tooth Fairy Kit

Grace has her first loose tooth! The Tooth Fairy Kit also included a

coloring page of the tooth fairy and a "find the tooth" maze game. Official Tooth Fairy Certificate will mark the day she loses her first tooth--signed by the tooth fairy herself, and the Official Tooth Fairy Club membership card will fit in her wallet. She loves it!!! I made another kit for Olivia, who will also be 6 this year, and no doubt will start losing her baby teeth too.

Click images to see larger view.

Stamped Cards

Loved this design from the current issue of Stamp It! magazine and had to lift it. I'm not much into stamping but I love how these came out. And it justified the money I spent on stamps...at least some of it. LOL

Randy's Valentine

Altered chipboard - Making Memories scalloped heart. It's about 8x9 inches. Started out plain white. Used the crop-a-dile to punch the holes around the outside.

Key ring mini albums

Made from sample chips of countertop laminate. Click on images for larger view.