Thursday, June 29, 2006

I'm so excited!!

Today I get to share with you my very first TOOT!!! Ok, it's just a very small one, but being my first it's pretty big to me, so please indulge me if you will. LOL

Making Memories put TWO of my pages on their website gallery!! Take a look.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Boy & Dog

Journaling is from a poem by Edgar Guest called A Boy And His Dog.

It reads:
a boy and his dog make a glorious pair
no better friendship is found anywhere
he owns a treasure which nobody steals
who walks down the road with a dog at his heels

Nature's Toybox

Gracie, busy at one of her favorite pasttimes--building rock forts and rock castles for the ants that live in the driveway. All the letters and the flowers were cut with the Wishblade.

Havin' Fun

Another picture from the photo shoot at the park. The stripes in the paper match Gracie's little top.

Fun at the Park

This was a fun layout to do and something different for me. I really like it.



This is the first heritage layout I have ever done. For some reason, I am intimidated by them. I supposed because I really want to be sure I am doing the old photos justice. I am pleased with how this turned out.

The layout is of my grama who passed away last year. This is one of the very few pictures I have of her in her younger days so I was very pleased that the larger sized photo printed so well. The finished product has page pebbles over the button "hanger" and the typewriter key letters.

Father's Day Card

Happy Father's Day, dad.


Papers are Making Memories, Kids Line Maddi. I love these colorful papers.

The Irresistible Series

Monday, June 26, 2006

Welcome to my studio!

Click on pictures to see full size image and storage solutions.

Come on into my little scrap nook!! Pull up a chair and take a virtual tour of this bright and cheerful little space where I create. The cheery colors and uncluttered organization make it very conducive to creativity. The paint job was inspired by Doodlebug paper, and took forever as you can imagine! My countertops were FREE from a kitchen remodel job Randy did (check for remnant pieces at your hardware or home improvement store--they sell for really cheap!).

There is still some painting to be completed on the wall opposite my work station, which is where my sewing table now sits, and I am hoping to have desk height countertop along that wall at some point in the near future. See my adorable little Janome Sew Petite (which I really wish came in pink LOL) !? I spray painted the chair white (used to be black) and recovered it with muslin that I painted to match the wall design. The two white tower shelf units are from Office Depot that I bought years ago for my bathroom. The one on the left holds scrapbook albums, scrapping magazines and other miscellaneous scrapping supplies. The tower on the right holds sewing patterns, fabrics, notions, my sewing box, and serger. You can barely see the closet door to the left of the towers in the photo. I painted the door with chalkboard paint and use it for keeping track of projects--and Grace used it to learn how to write her name last fall. She loves to draw and write, and as of this moment, I am blessed with one of her drawings of a huge butterfly. :)

This colorful cart to the right of my worktop was an awesome deal from CostCo. I've seen them online priced at $60.00 -- I paid $18 for mine.

I made this paint rack with two shelves from a wire cube unit I was no longer using, held together with ribbon and empty thread spools.

Hanging rails, baskets and hooks are inexpensive kitchen finds from IKEA. Foam stamp and cardstock scrap storage are office document boxes from the Target Dollar Spot, miscellaneous supply storage are snap together CD boxes also from Target Dollar Spot. Colorful cloth bins, hardware drawer organizers, and sturdy accordion folders are all inexpensive Walmart finds. My vertical paper storage solution was FREE, made from priority mailing boxes from the post office and painted to match my room. You can barely see below the counter I have mounted a very inexpensive paper towel holder (you can see the roll of blue shop towels--the kind mechanics use) for painting and clean up. These towels are super absorbent so if you spill water or something they will soak it up 100 times faster than regular paper towels.... a must for preventing ruined paper, photos or layouts. I also use them for cleaning my monitor and scanner bed. To the left of this is my computer..... front of the window, with the printing/mailing station to the left of the window and right of the sewing station. My old old computer chair broke, so this red bar stool from the kitchen is subbing till I can get a new one. I made a seat pad that matches the room (like the cover of the sewing chair) but it's in the closet since my chair broke. LOL I think the new chair will love it though. ;)

These snap together ribbon boxes from Target were made for storing Christmas ribbon. I removed the dividers and put all the ribbon spools on dowels to keep them from rolling back in the boxes. The extra wide grommets allow for pulling the ribbon through without snagging. I love how colorful they are sitting pretty on my shelves.

When creating or organizing your scrap space, think outside the box--you'll be surprised where you can find inexpensive organization solutions. I'm always on the lookout in kitchen and bathroom accessories, hardware aisles and sale bins. You just never know what fabulous find can be reassigned to scraproom storage!

Thanks for taking the time to visit my little studio. Be sure to check back frequently as this is where I will be posting my work. I ask that you please be courteous and do not copy my work or my designs for publication. Thank you.