Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Heat embossing

For this card I made an all over block pattern, turning the stamp each time, with a clear background stamp using the Versamark watermark pad and white embossing powder. I love this affect, but it's hard to catch in a scan, so I took a photo. Had to play a little with the angle, but I got it good enough to see I think. The border punch is doily lace by Martha Stewart and the layered flower is by BossKut Design-a-Flower.


QK Aquarius alphabet, Katie skinny mini; QK shapes - balloon, vine flourish, Rev. crayon, A's monkey, rocks, grass patch, jungle leaf, nesting tree from the Merry & Bright set, and hand cutting. After seeing all the adorable cards made with the giraffe and other animals, I finally caved. I don't have the giraffe so I made my own. Definitely not as cute, but he gets the message across here. :) (The card is white.) TFL

Monday, July 28, 2008

When life hands you lemons......

New Chocolate alphabet again. I really like this one. For the lemons, I used the citrus slice, added Stickles and popped with foam tape. Computer font is Cafe Rojo. Border is Martha Stewart doily lace punch embellished with doodling, and second border is deco scissors, also doodled.
Inside the card I used the chocolate drop, again popped with foam tape. (Yellow background is just for scanning purposes, not part of the card.)


The R is the new Aquarius alphabet, but the rest is Dragonfly. Even the parentheses come with this alpha. Isn't it cute. For the edge of this card, I used the rounded tag and cut away the white between the scallops. I think it turned out really cute.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

QuicKutz new 4x8 format mini alphabets

I'm really loving the chunky mini alphabets in the new format. QK is coming out with some great new goodies.

For this first card I used Chocolate (happy) with Diesel (BDAY). Also used the nesting circles, just a little piece of the leafy vine border, and the flowers are BossKut Design-a-Flower dies. This card is 5x7. (The green flower paper is just the background of the scan, not part of the card.)

Here I used Dragonfly. How cute is this for little girl pages. This one is 4x5 and look how great this size fits here. It's substantial enough that it's easy to work with too. The flower is from the flower and circle die and the stem is part of the leafy vine border. (Pink dot paper is just the background for scanning, not part of the card.)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Water Play

More pictures from the sprinkler shoot. I don't typically like to use so many photos on a page, but these all had to be here. :) I used QK new 4x8 format, mini alphabet Aquarius for this page. Oh, how cute is this set! I liked it when I first saw pics of the release, but having it in my hands, it's even cuter than I thought it would be. It's a great size and substantial for a mini.

Fun in the Sprinkler

Well, poop. The scan just doesn't do justice to this page. IRL it's bright and cheerful and sparkly. Guess you'll just have to take my word for it and use your imagination. :)

Title in Merry & Bright...super cute holiday set which is obviously not just for holidays! I love the happy cuteness of Bright, and Merry is just plain enough to compliment it perfectly. Used navy and blue to match Gracie's swimsuit, and for the water drops, what else....stickles! I also added stickles to the dots on the bikini and border to match back to the bling on the flipflops, but it doesn't show in the scan. TFL!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Ok so shoot me

I can't help it. I'm impressed with Martha Stewart's new line of crafting/scrapping stuff at WalMart. Give me a break. WalMart is the only store here, so I don't get out much. At any rate, I got more of her glitter today. And I keep looking at her scrapbook albums, but so far nothing has jumped in my cart. The colors are pretty, but, for the price, they aren't as good a quality as I would expect from Ms. Stewart, to be honest. There is another border punch I like that I might pick up next time too. The store racks now have her ink pads and ink sets (like the Cat Eyes from Colorbox), several kinds of craft glues, glue pens, markers of all kinds, metallic pens, scissors and craft cutters, cutting mats, clear stamps, glitter letters, and more. She sure got a late start jumping on the scrapbooking wagon, though, didn't she. I heard her company is in trouble, but you hear that all the time about big companies so I don't pay much attention. I don't wish her any ill will, and how could I really.....my family calls me Martha Junior. LOL If only I had some of her money to show for it. :P

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Gracie's Barbershop

For the title I used Roxy and Diesel w/shadows. I used lots of other dies as well, but not so as you would recognize them. LOL Besides the large and medium retro "squares" (the squiggly boxes behind the Roxy letters), see if you can find the Rev. lollipop and Rev. tab die, plus the Archiver's pattern arrow, and Studio skinny-mini alphabet. I cut the barber pole by hand.

Journaling reads:
Randy told Grace I wouldn't cut his hair and asked if she would do it. He should've known she would! (on the back I continue.....I took over though and finished the job.)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Floatie

Journaling reads:

Randy was sure Grace would love the gigantic floatie at the lake house. I, on the other hand, was sure she would not be so eager to hop on. Sure enough, Grace was not thrilled about getting on that thing, but she was a sport and climbed aboard so I could snap her pic. That was about as long as she wanted to be on it, however, and promptly hopped off as soon as I got the shot! Sorry, Grampa. Maybe next time!

For this page I used the QuicKutz dock, water, and life vest dies (so cute!!), nesting squares and nesting circles for the small photos, and Studio Skinny mini and Snowday mini for the title. The glitter on the water is from Martha Stewart's new "create" line carried by WalMart. (Did she and Mike's give up on each other???) It's really great glitter and her glitter glue is very nice too. The glitter doesn't fall or blow off at all. I give them both a thumbs up.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Barbie fishing

Featured on this page are the QuicKutz monograms B (used with Journal Grand) and F (with Studio Classic), as well as the circle/flower, Archiver's exclusive pattern arrows, original 4" border die, and the number 7 (used upside down and backwards) from Stardust cookie cutter for the checkmark. The super girlie border punch is new by Martha Stewart Create. Love that!

Saturday, July 19, 2008


For this page I used Cosmopolitan with Biography, both large and small scallop borders, retired megaphone, treble clef, stars from the cosmic stars doublekutz, and Archiver's exclusive pattern arrows. You can't do a rock star layout without bling so I added hot pink stickles to the stars and pattern arrows. The animal print paper is perfect for the "pop" factor as well as matching Gracie's rock star outfit in the photos. TFL!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Washington, The Evergreen State

This page of my native Washington is for a friend who is putting together an album of all fifty states. Wouldn't that be a fun project to do? I can't wait to see her finished album when she has all the pages together.

Title done in Blossom mini with matching computer font for the mini book and journaling inside. I used the rounded nesting squares for the album pages and mats. The apple is a Bosskut die, while everything else is QuicKutz.

My first DT project for Scrapbuggy

My first assignment was to showcase the QuicKutz Cosmopolitan alphabet. This set reminds me of a 20s era lettering style, but still versatile. I incorporated the leafy vine border as it sort of mimicked the long, flowing peacock tail. For simple flowers I used the asterisk from the punctuation set and added brads to the centers for just a touch of color.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I hear it will be a big one!

I'm hoping this release will have some super fun stuff....the last couple of months I've not been enticed and my credit card has been safe, so I'm hoping I'll love the new stuff! A few of my wish-for ideas that I would love to see:

1) 4x4 magpie tins for Revolution die storage -- I emailed QK about a year ago suggesting this. About the same time I suggested the 12 inch platform and border dies. I hope they'll do this one too!!

2) As always, some new alphas in Classic and/or Grand size

3) Storage solution for the 12 inch borders

4) Wider borders, say 3 or 4 inches

5) 12 inch title borders would be very cool -- all one piece 'words' i.e. family, love, happy birthday, boys will be boys, girlie girl, etc.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Recycled QuicKutz Packaging

Grace plays waitress whenever she stays with us and has done this since she was a little bitty thing. This year we upgraded our "restaurant" and added lots of cool accessories! Grace also decided on a new name for the joint, which I thought was actually pretty clever. LOL. On the left side of the menu we do a "Today's Special" which, of course, is what I'm fixing for dinner. Randy always orders the special. ;) She also has a payment book which we stamped with the restaurant name on each ticket. After dinner, she tucks the ticket inside the check holder and places it on the table with a mint. ROFL! Oh, and I have to wear and apron and name badge as well. She is very serious about our restaurant. ;) We had so much fun making this set. I think it turned out super cute.

Pictured - Front row:
Name badge
Check holder
Restaurant signs

Back row:
Table sign

Here are the pieces close up. For the name badge I used a regular name badge holder from the stationary aisle. The same idea I did for the ladybug tag that was published in PaperCrafts Gifts From the Heart issue in April.

I made the table sign from QuicKutz Revolution die packaging.

Restaurant signs, also from QuicKutz Revolution die packaging.

The waitress' station:

Menu, using clear vinyl cover from an expired pocket calendar.

Fun project

Grace and I have been meaning to make this for two summers now. LOL Finally we got out the sewing machine and the bag of empty Kool Aid Jammers pouches and made her tote bag. This is the most durable little thing! And perfect for summer as it is waterproof and can't be ruined. She tossed in her wet swim suit, beach towel, flip flops and a bottle of water when she went to play in the neighbor's little wading pool next door. Cute, huh.

QuicKutz Contest!

Check it out!!!


Monday, July 07, 2008

Somebody pinch me!!!!!!!!!

Well, it has finally happened. :) I am thrilled to pieces and beyond excited to announce that I have been selected as a QuicKutz Designer for Scrapbuggy.com. What an honor!! I can't wait to start working with Gia and sharing all the great ideas and projects we have discussed over the past few days.

Please take a few minutes to check out the store and blog, and keep your eyes open for lots of exciting new things coming in the near future!!!