Friday, July 25, 2008

Ok so shoot me

I can't help it. I'm impressed with Martha Stewart's new line of crafting/scrapping stuff at WalMart. Give me a break. WalMart is the only store here, so I don't get out much. At any rate, I got more of her glitter today. And I keep looking at her scrapbook albums, but so far nothing has jumped in my cart. The colors are pretty, but, for the price, they aren't as good a quality as I would expect from Ms. Stewart, to be honest. There is another border punch I like that I might pick up next time too. The store racks now have her ink pads and ink sets (like the Cat Eyes from Colorbox), several kinds of craft glues, glue pens, markers of all kinds, metallic pens, scissors and craft cutters, cutting mats, clear stamps, glitter letters, and more. She sure got a late start jumping on the scrapbooking wagon, though, didn't she. I heard her company is in trouble, but you hear that all the time about big companies so I don't pay much attention. I don't wish her any ill will, and how could I family calls me Martha Junior. LOL If only I had some of her money to show for it. :P

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