Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sorry for the long time, no post

Gosh, I'm sorry for not having any project to post today. I had that nasty cold for a week, and just when I thought I would be rejoining the land of the living, it left a really bad asthma attack on its way out. So I've been working on getting that under control this week. I'm so sick of the nebulizer and inhaler and kleenex....I just want to breathe and taste food again.

Today feels like it could be one of, if not the, last day on the machine. But I don't want to rush it so we'll see how the rest of the day plays out. I'm due for another treatment here shortly, which is why I'm up right now, and feeling good that it could be one of the final treaments. Yay!

Hope to have new projects again very soon, but in the meantime here is one of my faves from the past. Thanks for all the prayers, good thoughts and well wishes while I've been gone.


  1. Sorry to hear that you've been under the weather. Sending healing prayers your way.

  2. Praying that you will be 100% soon! Take CARE of yourself!

  3. Take it easy!! Sending happy healing thoughts your way...


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