Friday, February 04, 2011

Hit me with a bus!

Ugh. I can't believe I'm still so sick. Tomorrow will be three weeks since I woke up with this crap. I'm having more good days, but it's still pretty hit and miss with no rhyme or reason why one day I feel so much better and the next is back to feeling like I've been flattened by a steam roller. Thank God for my nebulizer, as much as I hate that thing.

I so miss my crafting and can't wait to get back to sharing my projects. Thanks for hanging in there with me and for all the good thoughts and get well wishes. I promise to have something new to share very soon.



  1. Hi, My name is Diana. My sister, Carla and I co-own the new scrap book retreat: Scrap 'n Paradise Retreat. I haven't had a chance to work on my scrapbooks since February of last year! We have worked constantly to get the business built and ready for clients. Now that it is ready, I was hoping to do a little scrapping myself, except for this rotten cold I have had for three weeks. Finally broke down and went to the doctor for a "red zinger"....part steroids, benadryl, antibiotic, and B vitamins. I cannot wait to get my hands on paper and scissor again! By the way....don't forget to check out my website at Thanks and happy scrapping!


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