Thursday, January 20, 2011


...a Valentine for you! :)

Sorry I've been absent the past couple of days. I've had a horrible cold all week and it has pretty much kicked my butt. blah! But I did want to post with the new Valentine release from the Scrapping Cottage. I used the kitty peeker on this one. Isn't she sweet!

For my card base, I've used the postage stamp die. To make the base, take a piece of cardstock slightly larger than the twice the size of the die shape and fold it in half. Place the folded card on the die with the folded edge not quite all the way to the edge of the die and run through. Now you're ready to embellish!

Thanks for "peeking" in today. I'll have more to share from this adorable release as I start to feel better and have more energy for playing!


  1. Awww that is ADORABLE!!! HOpe you're feeling better!

  2. Hope you feel better soon! Love that kitty! Adorable!


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