Sunday, January 18, 2009

Act 2: Winter Breakdown

sorry for the bow in the photo...that happened in the stitching process.

Quickutz used:
Magnolia, Studio Skinni mini, nesting circles, 4x4 file folder, A's exclusive sparkles, A's exclusive hearts border.
Papers are Basic Grey, Granola with matching Bazzill cardstock and glazed brads.

Journaling in the auto maintenance folder:
Obviously, Randy needed a work vehicle while the old beast was waiting for repairs. So off he went in search of a work truck. After his first three snow covered choices didn't even turn over, he found this one and it started on the first try. Big selling point! After a little clean up and a couple of new tires, he's back in business. And the best part, it's an automatic so I can drive it too...if he ever gets the old Ford back on the road again, that is. (I mean WHEN.) Happy New Year!


  1. Fingers crossed that Randy will get the old truck up and running and SOON, you will be seen bopping around town in the pretty RED truck!

  2. Love the new truck... and it is RED... Yeah!!! Hope the old truck will be up and running soon so you can enjoy your new ride..


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