Friday, March 01, 2024

Birthdays are coming...lots of birthdays!

March is here and for our family that means birthdays galore! We have 9 for March (one less, since we lost Randy's mom) in both mine and hubs' families. 

But today I'm getting a little ahead of myself as I've been working on this one using Heidi Swapp products for my grandniece, B, whose birthday is April 2. I really used a lot of supplies on this colorful card, and, of course, had to include some interactive elements as well. I think she will love it!

The cake is a stamp by Ellen Hutson; everything else is by Heidi Swapp.

She has been huge into soccer for I think 10 years now, and is quite an impressive player. She is always on a championship team, winning trophies, awards, and even traveling around the country with her team. 

Let me explain this one - yes, she will be just 14, and keys/keychain are typically an embellishment for someone getting their driver's license or a new car etc, but this girl has been driving the family golf cart for years already and knows her way around the dashboard. Hahaha!!! She'll get a kick out of this. 

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