Monday, August 17, 2015

Melonheadz - hand colored image

This week's Melonheadz challenge is to hand color your digi image. I know a lot of you already do that, and I do a lot too, but this time you must! LOL No cheating and using colored digis for this project.

I used this adorable school boy from the School Subject Kidlettes set and made a little alteration. Can you see what I did??

...besides putting him on a wobble, that is. ;) Isn't he too cute? Feliciano, grandboy #2, cannot sit still for one second. I think this wobble boy is perfect for him!

Ok now maybe you can see better what I did to alter this already adorable image.....if you haven't guessed, I added lines and holes to the notebook paper! SO CUTE!!!
Thanks for coming by to check out the newest challenge. Hope you can join me and the team and share your own hand colored image for this challenge. :)


  1. Your card is so cute! Love the school theme. Great coloring skills, too!

  2. Love that the boy is on a spring! So awesome! Love that you made his paper lined too.

  3. Shar ~ Well this is just ADORBS too!


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