Thursday, August 20, 2015

Got out the Bind it All

It had been way too long since I used my pretty pink Bind it All, but I had this idea, inspired by the fun find of a friend (say that ten times fast! LOL) and had to crank that baby up.

A couple of trips to the thrift store and I came back with some adorable children's books that had seen better days. They each have significance to a particular grandkid, I picked them out specifically. Olivia's nickname is Mousie, Mila loves piggies, Feliciano has (at least used to have) a fascination with dinosaurs, and Emmy loves bunnies.....perfect! I took those poor little books and gave them new life as custom spiral notebooks. I think the kidlets will love them. I sure had fun putting them together. Aren't they so cute!?? :)


  1. Oh now this is such an AWESOME idea! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow. What a neat idea! I have a bind it all and have never used it. I've wanted to...just never have. Thanks for the inspiration.


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