Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Inspiration Wednesday

Hey it's THAT day again.....WOOT WOOT! Yes, it's hump day, but it is also Inspiration Wednesday with My Creative Time. The inspiration for my card today is kind of a long story. Kind of funny too. So if you feel like reading, here it goes.

Many of you may know I've been "car-less" for a long, long time. Some of you may even know I FINALLY got my own wheels again recently. Fast forward to this past Saturday night. Stopped to get gas at a spot I had not been before. Can't get the pump to turn on. Go up to the booth and can't find the window. Wander around the little glass encased building thinking surely someone will help me out. Nobody to be seen. Continue wandering around the building.  {stop laughing!} Mind you, other customers are probably thinking they should keep their distance from that crazy lady over there. And, of course, not a single person will help me. When suddenly a lady in an orange reflector vest pops up and asks if she can help me. Tells me to go to the window. I see no window -- except for all the glass windows around the whole building. But where the *&@# is the "window" window? Still can't see it. She doesn't help me out by pointing the way or telling me where it is, she just laughs. {gee thanks} I apologize and tell her I'm new here and don't know how it all works and finally find the *&@# window. {I was too flustered to be embarrassed.} Well, FINALLY I get gas in the car, pay at the "window", all while entertaining the gas station lady and the customers, and then drive off.

After I get home and put groceries away {it was at night, dark, and Saturday} it occurs to's Saturday night. I look like an idiot wandering around the gas shack, and probably sound like one too. OMG I BET SHE THOUGHT I WAS DRUNK!!! GAAAHHHH!!! Talking with bestie I tell her this and her reaction..... "it would have been so funny if she had called the police!" Um. No.

Thus my card with the boozy face. :) Enjoy.

Product List:
My Creative Time, pre-sneak ... shhh don't tell! ;)
My Creative Time, Picture Perfect
My Creative Time, Camera Layering die
My Creative Time, Family is Everything stamp set
Peachy Keen Stamps, Happy New Year Assortment (or as I call it, Boozy Faces)


  1. BAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAHAHAAHAHAHA I made your blog! BAHAHAHAHAA Your card is awesome. {hiccup} HAHA! Drunken mug shot. LOVE IT!

  2. Came back to look again and noticed the fingerprint! Genius! LOL

  3. OMG toooo funneeeeee!! I love your idea for your card definitely was inspired and girl talk about a super sense of humor and yep you've got the story of the century to share and now it's documented blog style......YOU are a NUT!! (LOL)
    Drinking my morning Kuppa, Kuppa, and choking from LOL OMG girl definitely a scrappin' the little things moment for you.....your card definitely should make it there. I mean Monday......don't let me down now!!! YOU ROCK!!

  4. Yes genius!! What a great card!!

  5. LOL! Shar this card is AWESOME!!!! So creative and I just LOVE it!!!!
    Great story to go along with this as well :)

  6. Your story is hilarious. I love the card and now that I know the story it just makes me like it even more. Too funny!!!!

  7. Awesome story Shar! I try to go to the same station because I know how it works...I don't like surprises and that would have been me at that station too. Now you can go back there now that you know how it goes. Love your boozy face mug shot and the splatters and fingerprint. Too funny but cool. Thinking there are probably lots of people who have done the same thing but won't admit it ;)
    quilt 4 fun 2 at hot mail dot com

  8. Fabulous story and super cute card!!! Hugs!!


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