Saturday, August 27, 2011

Good mail day!

FINALLY the waiting paid off! :) Turned out to be a super day after all. Not only did I score at Wally's, but I also got TWO packages in the mail today, not just the one I was expecting. COOL! Here's my mini-haul:

My Mind's Eye Lost and Found Christmas 6x6 pad - need to decide if I'm going to make my cards this year and if so, get my butt in gear!!! As well as the super adorable Mischievous Halloween 6x6 paper pad and matching brads. These pads are both double sided papers too. Really a great value not to mention they're just really cute and perfect for card making. Also I snagged every last one of the Red Rock Bazzill they had in stock. Been looking for that color for probably a year now. So happy to have a few in my stash now, even if they are only 8.5x11 size.

and then, from Verve Stamps - oh my goodness. I had not heard of this company until the other day and had to try them. Come to find out, they are practically next door to me in Boise, ID!!! Who knew!? I'm anxious to give these a try. Their Design Team blew my socks off. And darn near my undies too. Hold onto your drawers when you view the Verve Gallery, cuz I'm tellin' ya....! Here's just one delicious sample. You'll see why I had to get this particular coffee/tea set.

And the monkey...well, most of you will know that was just a given. Simply could not pass him up! ;)


  1. So happy you had a great mail day!!! FINALLY!!! Did you try out the new stamps?

  2. Awesome haul, Shar! Emma and I picked up those same paper pads and brads at the Scrapbook Expo. LOVE them!!!


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