Thursday, April 01, 2010

Decorative Easter Egg Pictorial

I always try to find something different to do for Easter each year. Not for any real reason, since the kids are grown and gone, but just for fun I guess. I do miss doing projects with them like we did when they were growing up. We always decorated cookies, eggs, trees, hearts, what-have- you at any given holiday, so it's kind of something I feel compelled to do even though it's just me and gramps now. I really enjoy doing it, so why not. :)

Starting with plastic eggs from the dollar store, pattern paper, mod podge, foam brush and a few simple tools, I got down to business making a centerpiece for Easter. {TIP: The wire cutters are for removing the "hinge" on the eggs so they don't poke through your paper. Not necessary, but I did it on mine.} I used large eggs, but small would be as easy, if not easier, and would require smaller scraps of paper. The choice is up to you.

Using a foam brush, coat the back side of the paper with a generous slathering of mod podge. Doesn't have to be super thick, but plenty enought to slide the paper around on the egg, don't be stingey.

Wrap the paper around the egg

and make several slices in the paper at the ends of the egg so you can fold it around the ends of the egg as much as you can.

Paint the entire outside of the egg with a generous coat of mod podge and smooth out the paper all around, working the ends as much as you can, using your hands. {TIP: You can use latex gloves if you like, but mod podge is non-toxic so I didn't bother with them. I just washed my hands after each egg--otherwise it dries too fast and you're next egg with be very difficult to work with.}

Let the eggs dry. You can add another coat of mod podge after they dry if you want a more glossy finish, but it isn't necessary.

Now you're ready to decorate your beautiful eggs. Add stickles, stickers, glitter, jewels, ribbon or whatever you like. Or not. It's up to you!


Well, you know me....I didn't stop with just the eggs. I decided to also make the actual basket. The eggs are much too pretty to put in a cheapy store-bought basket! I've seen doily baskets before and always thought they were so pretty. So I looked for a "recipe". I found this video (linked above) and was so surprised how easy it is to do. I have a drawer full of doilies that mom and gram made; you must have some too. You still have time to make one if you need a last minute Easter dinner centerpiece!

But then I didn't stop with just the basket either. I thought, what if I used paper doilies to make mini baskets....?! So I came up with these adorable bitsy egg cups. Aren't they adorable!


  1. Shar,<3 everything!
    The baskets,eggs,I feel a scraplift Thanks for sharingXD
    Aileen S~

  2. very can use watered down glue instead of fabric hunny's g-ma made an angel out of doilys....

    love this basket idea!

  3. Pretty AND creative! Hope you have a wonderful Easter, Shar!

  4. sooooo cool!!!! Hope you have a great Easter!


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