Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Five Things I Love

I was blog-tagged by Jayma to list 5 things I love. Jayma and I met on Facebook on the PaperCrafts Magazine page about a week ago. She read every page on my scrap blog all the way back to 2006!!! And her doppleganger is Tina Fey, so I had to love her. :) Jayma did her list in such a cool way I have decided to copy her and include pics with my list like she did! Click her name to check out her awesome blog and see five of her loves.

1. One of the many things I love is scrapbooking and papercrafting. I started scrapping for real almost 8 years ago, though I've always made cards and altered gifts etc. for as long as I can remember.....covering orange juice cans with pretty paper to make a pencil cup for dad's desk, making book covers, wall art and decoupage to name a few. I love my scraproom!

This is the little plaque on the door to my room.

2. I love that Grace enjoys scrapping. She has been a scrapper since she was 3 -- she turned 9 this month.

3. I love the vintage goodies in my kitchen. Here are a few of them. The bottle of Shinola shoe polish was my grampa's--it's still full -- and grama's spice boxes still have spices in them! Some are as old as 1940.

4. I love pink. Maybe you noticed. ;)

5. I love LOVE looking at old pictures. Here is one of my faves of me and the sibs. Me, Sue (on my lap), Pat and Kathy.

Tag, you guys! Now you're IT! Post a link on your blog to mine (the person who tagged you), then share five things you love and tag five other bloggers. :)

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