Friday, December 18, 2009

Road Trip

That's what the new QuicKutz release should have been named, IMO. They're calling it a travel theme, but when I think travel, I think airplanes and cruise ships. This release is all about rv's, tents, vans and road signs. And no motorcycle, surprisingly! I think they "missed the boat" (pun intended! LOL) not including a motorcycle in this release....a real one, not a scooter. LOL

I used the 2x2 road sign and 2x2 luggage for this bookmark.

For this card I've used the billboard cookie cutter set on a card for the hubster. This is one of my favorites of the entire release. It's almost nostalgic.

Inside I've used the 2x2 road sign and hotel vacancy sign. In addition, I've used the nesting hearts, universal people shapes and numbers from last month's calendar release.

This release gave me just what I've been looking for to scrap some of my vacation pics from last year. Page one is San Diego, and page two is Waikiki. Multiple photo pages are hard for me, but obviously these need to be together and I think they worked well here. I used the road sign, hotel sign and part of the billboard set for the title, in addition to the California state die, journaling circle, and Santa's Workshop alphabet.

Keeping the same theme for page two of this layout, I again used the hotel sign, arrow from the billboard set, and also this month's QK club tag die, along with the Hawaii state die, 4x4 circle sunshine, and Santa's Workshop alphabet.

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