Monday, November 03, 2008

Tag - I'm it! Thanks Lea ;)

How well do you think you know me? Are you surprised by any of these ......

Seven Random Facts About Me

1 I worked as a transcriptionist for over 25 years -- in various positions and agencies

2 I can't stand to be touched by feet, but especially feet with socks

3 I don't know how to swim except maybe enough to save myself if I had to

4 I'm a Gemini

5 I HATE SNAKES!!!!!!!

6 I've never been farther east than Colorado

7 I love redecorating

Hope you haven't already been tagged for this one, guys. I'm tagging Jayne, Darla, Cindy, Karen, Gia, Michele, and Cynthia! Post 7 random facts on your blog then tag 7 other blogger buddies to post their facts!

Have fun!

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