Wednesday, November 05, 2008

My newest toy


I had been debating for a good long while about getting an ATG but had yet to be impressed by any of the ones on the market. I was leaning heavily toward the Glue Glider Max, by Glue Arts, but it was still not quite what I wanted, so I kept putting off ordering it. Most all of them out there are too big and clunky, not cute (and we all know cuteness is a factor in scrapping mean tools ;)) they all use 1/2" tapes, unless you get an adapter or some such nonsense, and the tape cartridges had to be threaded through the machine, not to mention I wasn't pleased with the price of them. The Glue Glider Max at least had pop in cartridges, so that was a big plus. However, I have small hands with carpal tunnel in both of them so the size was a negative, I had to have something cute, that's a given, and I use 1/4" tapes. Thus my dilemma!!!

Then a couple of months ago I got the Glue Arts newsletter with the most wonderful news! They LISTENED!!!! :) I was so excited about their new ATG I pre-ordered the bundle (gun with cartridge, plus 3 other cartridges) right away. I'm so happy with their new adhesive tape gun I want to share it with you. It's not at all top-heavy or clunky. I highly recommend it if you have been looking, like me, but unhappy with what you've found. This is the perfect solution to all those dilemmas! And the coolest thing about the pop in cartridges is that you can switch mid-cartridge if you choose to change the type of adhesive you're using. Yay!

Check it out at HappynScrappin. Her prices are great and her customer service can't be beat.

Small & comfortable to hold: check!
1/4" adhesive tape: check!
pop-in cartridges: check!
no threading: check!
Cuteness factor: double check! It's PINK & GREEN!!!
Price: VERY reasonable, and worth every penny!

Note: Blogger is still not fixed. It's been a couple of weeks now and I'm not the only one experiencing this problem. I've always used photobucket to upload my images but suddenly blogger chops them off. I discovered that uploading directly from my harddrive works without chopping them off, so until this gets fixed, I'll do it that way.

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