Sunday, March 04, 2007

Scrap-a-Faire 2007

OMG what a blast! Today is the last day of Scrap-a-Faire by Scrapbooks Etc. I'm so sad that it's ending. BOOHOO!!!! But what a fabulous job they did pulling everything together for this event. For a first time endeavor, everyone involved did a phenomenal job and I am very impressed. In addition to all the great booths, features and classes, the lounge chat was visited by all the admin folks who took down all our suggestions for changes and improvements for the next faire. They are already planning SAF II for November and I'm so excited. Read more here!

I took only two classes this time, they are the first scrapping classes I have ever taken!! If you have a chance to take a class by Leah Fung, DO SO! She's very thorough in her instructions and pdf files and her rolodex reminder project is the stinkinest cute little booger. Here's mine so far. I still have a few cards to make for special occasions, but here's the project.

I'm also taking Melissa Inman's School Album in a Snap class which is great so far too. I won't get to start on it till after SAF is over, but the pdf is great and I've listened to her presentation a few times to catch any little tips and tricks she has applied to the project.

Besides the rolodex class, which I swear I should get commission on as I've shouted praise from the mountaintops and convinced umpteen peeps to take it ;) , the chat in the lounge area has been so much fun I've spent way too much time in there!!! I could have (well should have!) had my class done in a couple of days had I not met so many wonderful people in the SAF Lounge. We've had such a blast chatting, sharing, being silly and just enjoying meeting everyone. I hope we will all keep in touch. I can hardly wait till the next one!

Oh and by the way......I won a $50 Amex CC on the last day of the faire!!! WOOHOOO!!!Thank you, Scrapbooks Etc.!


  1. Cute as can be, good job!!! I hope to participate more in it next time around. I know you loved it!!

  2. Thanks, Kip! I hope you'll be able to hang around the lounge and chat rooms more next time. Missed you!!!

  3. Hey! Congrats on winning the prize at the end of the Faire!


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