Thursday, August 03, 2006

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Awww, Grace. What a girlie girl. She has LOVED weddings and everything about them since she was tiny! This particular "wedding" was a couple of years ago. She can make grampa Randy do anything (he is so wrapped around her finger it isn't even funny! LOL) and here she "made" him be her groom. LOL She bought this veil with her own money at the dollar store too. There are two more pics in the folder behind the main photo. In the pic below you can see how much fun Randy was having. LOL!

Journaling reads:
Grace loves all things girlie from clothes to shoes, purses to makeup, and shopping to weddings. She LOVES weddings and takes it personally if she isn't asked to be flower girl even if she doesn't know the people are are getting married. She loves to play wedding and bought this veil with her own money at the dollar store. Doesn't Randy look excited to be playing the happy new hubby? Grace can make him do anything. And I get to take pictures!!

The happy couple. ROFLMAO!
DIL, Beka with granddaughter Courtney a year ago March.

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