Friday, August 04, 2006

Most recent layouts

This is last night's page, Gracie's first hunting trip with Grampa. She was so excited to go and was ecstatic at the trophies they brought home.
This hunting page is one of my favorites for Randy's hunting album. I loved the sketch (sorry I have forgotten which publication I saw it in) and have wanted to use it for a while. Who says you can't use ribbon on man pages. What a crock. LOL Here I used FOURTEEN different ribbons, and it certainly doesn't look any less manly just for the use of ribbon. I used rubons on the twill for the "Hunter" title. Oh, and don't look at the WHITE whiskers on his chin. He didn't believe me till I showed him the pics how sharp digital images are and how much they pick up. LOL

Granddaughter Courtney last summer. First thing she did when they got here was climb into Grampa's shoes! This was a challenge page. Use 1) peach color scheme, 2) shaped clip and 3) incorporate a song into the page.

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  1. Yes, well I was actually told you couldn't use ribbons on mens pages, I didn't believe it either. Your latest is lovely. I am thinking you and Darla think too much alike and that is why her challenges closely resemble your latest LOs, either that or she is cheating. Can you cheat at challenges? Probably not.


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