Monday, August 16, 2010

Summertime at Grama's house

Summer vaca is over and my girlies have gone home. it's so quiet here today! We had such a good time while the kids were here. We had more plans but schedules changed and Grace had to go home earlier than anticipated, so there were things we didn't do that we wanted to. All in all, we really crammed a lot into her stay, as we always do, and it was great fun. :)

We made pj's - two pair! These are the cupcake ones, the others have monkeys and bananas on them.

We made pancake art.....yes, this plate of "bacon and eggs" is actually a plate of pancakes! This is such fun to do with the kids. If you haven't visited Jim's Pancakes website or seen his Facebook page, I highly recommend it. He's a super neat dad who makes fun pancakes for his daughter, Allie, and shares his creations -- and what creations he has made too! Check it out here.

We made huckleberry pie, not to be confused with blueberry. They are NOT the same thing. I'll eat huckleberries by the handful but blueberries....ick. Huckleberries are far superior IMO. And our pie turned out so good. Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream and it's pure heaven. YUM!

I found a video on youtube for making cake in a mug and thought, what a fun project to do with Grace! So quick and easy, and kids love it. I love finding things like this to do when the kids are here. Even though it takes only a few minutes, kids will remember fun things like this for a long time to come.
During the last week of Gracie's visit, Mila came to stay with us too. The cousins get along really well and had a blast. They packed their lunches and ate at the park almost every day, played "fishing" in the backyard,
ran through the spinkler,
shucked corn and even washed grampa's truck.

We're getting used to the quiet again and Randy and I both commented how naked the spare room looks now without the girls' bed and all their books, toys and clothes strewn about. LOL I'll finish up putting away the bedding and rearranging in there today and get it ready for the next visit. Grace will be back in October, if not sooner, when her dad comes over to go hunting. Even though it hasn't yet been 24 hours since they left, I can't wait for the next time she comes over!

Today I'll scan all the scrappy projects Grace completed while she was here. I think she may have got more done than I did, actually. LOL I'm so glad she enjoys it so much and with her six years of experience, she now does her pages almost entirely by herself. She is very determined and strong-willed and has her own opinions about pretty much everything, so she doesn't need (or want either, usually! LOL) any input or suggestions unless she asks for them. LOL!

Hope your summer has been as wonderful as mine has been!!!!! Keep on scrappin', my crafty friends. I'll be back later with more pics. Thanks for checking in. Happy Monday!

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  1. What wonderful memories you have Shar. I so enjoy your LO's and seeing those adorable grands of yours. Miss Gracie is quite the scrapper,guess she gets the talent from her G-ma :-) Thanks for sharing your summer fun with us. AWESOME job as always!!!


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