Saturday, March 06, 2010


Another addition: Check out the Tattered Angels website for techniques on how to use these, a printable color chart and other great info.

Added: In case you missed my flower post below, I've linked a great tutorial by Donna Salazar where she used the glimmer mist on her paper flowers. You can use glimmer mist on anything you want to, really. It just adds a shimmery sheen to your design unlike, a sparkly glitter. I'll post pics later when I've had a chance to use it.

Glimmer mist is here!!!! along with a few other goodies. Check it!


  1. Ok i have seen the glimmer mist for awhile, and I have been gone from scrappin for a little bit, so what is it? how do i use it?

  2. i love the key holes. i havent got into the glimmer mist yet...

  3. Ah you are going vintage.. lol

    Didn't get into glimmer mist either, though some of my scrapping buddies rave about it.

    Problem is, I have a very nosy white kitty that loves to sit close to me when I am crafting and he might end up not being so white anymore after I am done with the glimmer mist... lol


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