Wednesday, January 20, 2010

More on CHA/QK

While it is official that QK will not have a booth at CHA, they will still be in attendance at the show. While they won't have a booth, there will still be a release. I have seen pics. Don't know a specific date they'll be released, but IMO, most of these are worth waiting for. I'll keep you posted as I'm at liberty to do so.

Also of interest is that the company that previously manufactured the dies for QK, Dies Direct, will have a booth at CHA. They are now selling dies on their own and have quite a few in their collection (though, personally, I'm not impressed - I'm pretty spoiled by QK mostly awesome designs and font choices). Their prices aren't bad either, so you might want to keep an eye out if you're a die lover. Their dies are compatible with the same machines that cut QK as they too are wafer thin style dies.

OH MY HECK I have seen tons of sneak peeks of a zillion awesome new paper lines coming out and have already preordered some too. And toys. OHH!! If you don't have an itop yet, get one. They super cool new brad daddies are to die for. I can't wait for those. They are my favorite thing to come out of CHA so far!!! If only I could be there in person...... {dreamy}

CHA = Craft & Hobby Association

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  1. Oh, I saw the sneaky on the QK release too! OMG!!! Lovin' it. Hmmm, that itop seems interesting. There's much to see out there. TFS, Katie


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