Monday, March 16, 2009

Chatterbox Easy Brad Maker

Thanks Ros, for asking about the brad maker! This post is for you. ;) And for anyone else wondering how this works and if it's a toy, er, I mean tool, you will use regularly for your projects.

I do love the kit. But I have to say, I hope they will soon come out with refills in lots of other styles and colors. These are nice, just not my style. I'm not into froofy as you can probably tell by my work, so if they come out with much more plain style brad bases, I'll be all over them! I ordered mine from Happy n Scrappin -- she has the best price I've seen, so far.

As you can see in the photo above, the kit consists of the punches, three sizes of the base-brads, a sheet of clear pebbles and circle adhesives in all three sizes. The sizes are slightly off from other punches and dies I have, so I wonder if they made it that way on purpose in order to make us have to buy the kit with the punches over just getting the refill kit and using our own punches. I never really learned to read those tiny lines on the tape measure, but very close approximate measurements of the punches are 3/8, little more than 1/2, and 3/4 inches.

Ok, so here you see I've made my card, now I want to add a coordinating brad to finish it off. I want to use a little bird image on the brad from one of these clear stamps.

Now I have punched the size circle I want from the matching paper. This is the largest size. I stamped a little bird on this circle I punched.

The white adhesive circles are double sided. Pull off the correct size and adhere to the brad. Peel the protective paper off the top then stick your punched circle to the adhesive circle on the brad. Choose the corresponding size adhesive backed pebble from the sheet and place it on top.

Voila! Clear pebble brad. :)

Finished card with coordinating brad.


  1. Thank you Shar
    I Love the matching Brad idea..
    and you've demonstated them so beautifully.

  2. Wow can't wait for this trool to make it's way to the UK!!!
    Do you mind if I post a link on my blog to your blog as want to post about this tool and I saw it here first!?

  3. YW, Ros! Glad to help. :)

    Lorna, please do, and thank you, I'm flattered. I hope the brad maker makes it to you very soon!

  4. ..I like it, but would want a lot more options too! I'll look forward to seeing what the come up with for Refills and the prices!!

    Thanks Shar!!


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