Tuesday, April 16, 2024

How I miss the beach

I grew up on the beach, basically. It was a short walk from our house but you wouldn't know it for all the trees along the way. I spent every summer on a blanket tanning away on the beach. Pure bliss. So how did I end up living in the desert, you ask? Yeah, not by choice, but asthma hit me as an adult and I couldn't live with the dampness and mold, so here I am, in the high desert of Eastern Washington. I really, really miss the water, the beach, and my family, who are mostly all still there. Which brings me to today's post. 

My summer decor is in the making and I'm ready for the sun to stay out. Nautical theme is my all time favorite and being in the desert I really didn't think it would fit in so I've steered clear. Until now. When I was in Dollar Tree getting the last of the eggs for my spring wreath, they were just starting to put out summer stuff. If you haven't seen these gorgeous goodies yet, it might be too late. If your Dollar Tree is anything like mine, the super cute stuff is gone almost as fast as they can put it on the shelves! Run, don't walk, if you have any interest in beach/nautical theme decor or craft items. I might have to go back and grab whatever is left, if anything. LOL! Anyway, Easter/spring is put away, so here is my three tiered tray for the new season. 

It was hard to pick just one of the sea creatures, but I landed on the seahorse. They also had a sea turtle, crab, and seems like one other that I can't remember right now. Isn't he beautiful. 
This is my jar with the lights on. It's prettier at night, of course. And, yes, all these items are from Dollar Tree - the jute ball, jar, shells, starfish, pearls and sea glass. The jar came already wrapped with the jute and the little starfish embellishment. 
The cute little jar with the lights off. 
Some of the larger items, also from Dollar Tree, are the frosted blue glass bottle, anchor, and rope sphere. 
I keep going back and forth whether or not I should paint my lantern white. Still unsure so I'm leaving it as it was when I bought it years ago. 
Again, everything inside is from Dollar Tree. The super cute anchor was just natural wood that I inked  with Distress Oxide Stormy Sky blue on both sides. Then I added the rope, which is wired jute, that I also found at Dollar Tree. 

Stay tuned for my nautical/beach themed wreath coming soon! 

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