Thursday, May 24, 2018

Cruisin' - Installment 2, St. Thomas

This was our view of St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands, from our balcony on the ship. What a beautiful sight to wake up to. 

We even had time for a morning cocktail and some Yahtzee while we waited to disembark on our excursion for the day. When it was time to go, the waiter even put our drinks in to-go cups! Talk about service.

This day was our bus tour up the mountains and sky bucket ride back down. I have to say, I was pretty nervous about this one as I am NOT a heights person, nor do I typically enjoy hanging in a can up in the air attached to what might as well be a string in my anxiety filled recesses! LOL Mind you, if my sister had been on this one herself, the excursion itinerary would have been way different. I do not scuba dive and she does, I do not zipline and she does, and I'm not adventurous like she is. 

As we stopped at the view point for pictures, I had already (mostly) forgotten about my anxiety and just enjoyed the view of the island and our ship in port. Can you believe just how big the cruise ship is? Compare it to the other boats in the harbor, the buildings all around, and you can see it in all its magnificence! A small traveling city for sure.

Our bus driver and knowledgeable tour guide, Hajji. 

Magens Bay, from an overlook area, one of the stops our tour bus made for picture taking. 

Me and Kathy above Magens Bay taken from St. Peter Mountain Top. This is the largest gift shop, bar, and observation point on the island. You can see the British Virgin Islands behind us. And yes, we shopped a little. 

View of the Paradise Point Sky ride from a distance. 

View of the cars coming up the mountain from our car on the way down. 

View of the Charlotte Amalie shopping district from the ride above. You can see the back end of the ship (the stern, in boat talk) on the right side of the picture. St. Thomas is a small island, only about 50 square miles. 

The ship from the sky bucket coming down the mountain. I wasn't even terrified! Which is really saying something.  

Next installment: St. Kitts and St. Lucia

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  1. I enjoy reading your blog. What an amazing vacation. I can't believe the size of that cruise ship. Looking forward to the next installment and I'm glad your sister is so adventurous!


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