Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Still having probs with blogger

Wanted to let my blogger friends know that I'm still not able to leave comments on all blogs. It's been screwy since May 20. It appears that I am able to comment if the blog comment box is set as a pop up, but if it's embedded below the post, I'm unable to comment. I'm still not even able to sign in to my blog {so why I am able to still post on my blog, I do not know.} I just hope that the blogger fixey peeps are still working on this and will get ALL the probs resolved very soon.

So if I've not left a comment on your blog in the past couple of weeks, please know I'm not ignoring your beautiful work, just not able to leave you some love. :)


  1. it's frustrating. i can leave msg's everywhere but everyday cricut!!!! I actually have to go to another internet exlporer (the big e) and it works there... (i use mozilla). try another browser. it worked for it but what a pain!!

  2. Doris - thank you so much for the tip! It worked great using a different browser. I'm off to comment on more blogs now. :)


  3. I've been having problems too. Sometimes I can leave comments and sometimes it won;t let me. It's very discouraging. I hope they get it fixed real soon.

  4. I am having the same problem


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