Monday, May 10, 2010

Shiver me timbers! or, "Looks like Captain Bob's seaman's eye is a little rusty"

The misadventures of Randy and Bob continue with this episode of the two scallywags hauling away Randy's old work truck. We have a very narrow driveway, the only access to where the truck was parked, and Bob, a retired tugboat captain, backed the trailer in to load up the truck. Read on......

Daily log, page 1:
Compensating for set and drift from the outset can save a lot of extra sailing later on. Skill in estimating set and drift comes from experience or "seaman's eye", as well as from practice in examining charts and the tide and current tide tables. ~ excerpt from Boaters Bowditch by Richard K Hubbard

Daily log, page 2:
Randy and Bob hauled the old truck over to Bob's place so Randy would have room to work on it. He's still hoping to get it running again one day. He's been hoping this for almost 3 years now, but who's counting....In the process, Captain Bob pulled off a chunk of the house. He muttered something about set and drift and said he'd be back later to fix it. That was in April...should I call him?

Dies used:
QK notebook page
QK pirate scroll
QK nesting diamonds
QK compass goosebumpz embosser
QK Relax gift set - sailboat and waves

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