Thursday, February 11, 2010

Super fast and easy mini book

Some of us on the Scrapbuggy message boards made friend pages for Gia to combine into a mini book. We used the QuicKutz Santa's Workshop Peppermint mini book and Gia made the cover and posted her book on the store blog. I liked her version so much I scraplifted most of it but didn't want to copy everything exactly.

Of course, for my book, I didn't have actual scrapbook pages, so I printed the scans as 4x6 photos and cut them with the peppermint page die that was used for the original page, then simply made a cover for them. A super easy way to make duplicate books for gifts too. The cost of a 12x12 print would be different than a 4x6 as these are, but a great idea don't you think.

Here's the cover of my book

and a close up of the title treatment.

And here's a side view of the inside pages created by the Scrapbuggy Design Team and message board members. They look like real scrapbook pages don't they! But they are one-dimensional photos. Voila--mini-book. :)


  1. Hi - sorry I'm a little lost - are you saying that you took photos {of your own or someone else's photos} you downloaded or scanned, then printed them and finally cut the printed photos with your mini-album die?

    Also if that's true - are the photos of pages of someone's project - which then you were able to reproduce as though the pages you created were like the original project?

    Just not sure - sorry!

    Its a pretty mini-album though!

  2. In response to your comments, Beverly, regarding the mini book.

    All of us (at the time-there are other team members now) on the Scrapbuggy Design Team did a mini page so we could each put together a friends album. All the pages were scanned and emailed to everyone on the team so we all could make our own albums. I merely printed out a photo of each page, including my own of course, made an album of them. I also did one in a wallet size book just for fun. :)

    So in answer to your question, the book itself is my original, the pages are photos of the other girls' work. Hope that explains it for you. :) Thanks for commenting!


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