Wednesday, January 27, 2010


....complete with photos for those who like the gross and gorie stuff. ;)
The hand is healing well, today it's driving me mad with the itching -- INSIDE my fingers itch! Ugh -- but obviously that's a good sign it's healing fast so I'll try not to complain.
Who knew bruises would photograph so well, huh?! Look at this. Even the bruise on the palm of my hand shows in the picture. I don't do anything halfway, that's for sure. Yeesh!


  1. Shar that looks so painful...But I see your in your craft room lol
    I hope your hand is feeling better soon and doesn't stop you crafting for to long,xx

  2. LOL Roz, you are so right -- can't keep me down! I've actually been doing a little scrapping. Takes forever but at least I can still play. ;)

  3. I knew you would work around it! You are so creative in ALL you do sweet girl! Be safe - please.....!

  4. wow Shar can't believe you hurt yourself like that but am glad you are on the mend. take care of yourself. eva


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