Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Do you like it!

I love my Christmas tree. The colors photographed pretty true -- the ornaments are lime green, copper and chocolate brown with burgandy and cream ribbons (which you can't really see). And I always get wrapping paper to match the color scheme of my tree. I'm picky (ok anal!) that way. :)

A little closer view. Randy and I made some of the snowflakes a few years ago. I printed them from dingbat fonts to use as templates and Randy cut them out for me on his scrollsaw. I sanded and painted them and hung them on the tree with fishing line. They turned out beautifully.


  1. It is truly beautiful Shar - I remember you guys making those flakes too! I saw similar color scheme ornaments at WM myself and am thinking about them! I definatly am going with the chocolate brown/gold/creme but can't decide if I should add burgendy and lime in too!

  2. I love your tree Shar. they are exactly my colors.

  3. So you change your colors every year? I LOVE your color scheme and would never have thought of pairing those colors. I see you have some ornaments that are glittered---did you do those yourself?

    Really pretty. I can't wait to get my tree up

  4. Thanks for all the nice comments. I really love my tree. :) I need to get a topper but waiting to find just the right one in the right color(s).

    Mae, I don't change my color scheme every year, but having redecorated the living room last year, this is the new color scheme for a while. The living room is chocolate, burgandy, taupe and olive green. I was so happy to find the dark brown ornaments this year!! :) I didn't glitter the ornaments - they all came that way.

  5. your tree is gorgeous Shar! enjoy the holiday season. eva

  6. Your tree is absolutely stunning. I love your stars. Thanks for sharing.


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