Monday, November 02, 2009

QuicKutz Holiday Gift Set release

It's here, it's here!!! Finally I can show you why I've been so excited about this release! The possibilities with this gift set are virtually limitless, and then toss in the add-ons and you're never going to want to put these away. Calling them "holiday" is rather misleading, as they can be used for so many things totally unrelated to holidays. "Workshop", however, is really a great way to describe it. I know this looks like a LOT of information – well, it IS a lot of information!—but with all the great components of this release, I want to touch on all of it so you can see just how versatile all the pieces are with the others. Don't be overwhelmed, it's easier than it looks. So, let's explore the newest QuicKutz release, Santa's Workshop Holiday Gift Set release!

Gift Set
First and foremost, the gift set itself includes three different sizes and styles of mini-books, each with all the pieces you need to make a complete book, as well as a cookie cutter alphabet, cookie cutter windows, and labels and tabs in all shapes and sizes!! Umm, yeah. ALL of this in one gift set! Sugarplum is the smallest mini album, 4x4 finished size, and includes the pre-punched cover and page insert as well as two sizes mats. Peppermint measures approximately 5 ½ x4, the cover can also be used for the inside pages and this album includes a belly band wrap. The Wintergreen album is approximately 3 ½ x 6 and includes the pre-punched cover and page insert, and two sizes of mats. Boy howdy, this is a serious gift set for the serious paper crafter and really a must have for anyone who enjoys giving handmade gifts. But this release doesn't stop with just the gift set, oh no! There are also many add-on pieces to take all your mini album projects to the next level. For each mini album you can also purchase extra page inserts, pocket page inserts and spines to customize your projects even further. But more on that in a bit.

For this calendar pocket book, I used Sugarplum plus bracket spine add-on, scallop page add-on, bracket page add-on and pocket page add-on. The page for each month is from calendar paper by Karen Foster. Tuck in cards or notes to keep yourself organized.

Also in this release is the adorable-times-two recipe set. I LOVE the set of mini foods and kitchen goodies. Perfect for making recipe books, as I did here, or really any foodie type of project. There's even a itty bitty t-bone steak that tickled my funny bone! LOL This recipe book is made from the Peppermint mini book and mini label from the gift set, plus scallop spine add-on, scallop page add-on, pocket page add-on, recipe mini set, and heritage mini set (banner).

I added a pocket page at the back for notes or other recipes to try

Well I couldn't stop there and finished another project to share with you using the Peppermint pocket page add-on, alpha and recipe set...and some 2x2s and other dies as well. I made this for my daughter who learned from her mother that every penny you can save on groceries adds up when you have a houseful of babies to feed! :)

For the coupon keeper I used pre-cut chipboard for the cover, ran it through the xyron and covered with pattern paper on front and back, then punched with the Bind it All. The inside pages are the Peppermint add-on pocket, flipping them right and left every other one and adding tabs for the categories. The cute little recipe shapes are perfect for adding a cute embellishment to each pocket. I used a brad to hold the elastic in place and covered it with a label.

For this fun coupon book I used the Wintergreen mini book and label from the gift set, plus straight spine add-on, scallop page insert add-on, recipe set and Sugarplum bracket page add-on. To make it even more fun I used the perforation blade on my trimmer so the coupons can actually be torn out and used! LOL

Epic Size Mini Album
Maybe you want a little bit bigger mini book. After all, you bought the EpicSix to accommodate larger sized dies, right!? Well guess what…. Gingerbread is calling your name. This mini album set is approximately 5x6 finished, comes with pre-punched cover and page insert as well as a 4-circle window, 4- square window, and two page mats. As with the other three albums, there are add-on pieces you can purchase separately to add even more pizzazz to your projects. Hot diggity!

This book is one of the projects we worked on at the retreat, an idea by Amy Walton. To make this book you'll need the Gingerbread album set and all the Gingerbread add-on pieces as well as the gift set alphabet.

Add-ons Galore
Ok, so in addition to the complete mini books that come in the gift set as well as the individual Epic sized Gingerbread album set, there are add-ons for each mini album, as you can see by the projects posted. These include pocket page inserts, shaped page inserts (scallops, brackets) and spine sets that make your books really pop! Each spine set includes a straight, scallop and bracket style edge, each one already punched, to fit around the spine of your book. There is a set for every size, Sugarplum, Wintergreen, Peppermint and Gingerbread.

Want to add fun interactive elements? Check out the individual pop-up flowers set and individual pop-up windows set. (I'm sorry I don't have samples yet with these dies.) These are so fun because you can place them anywhere you want on your card, scrapbook page or mini book. Or make a tiny circle or square accordion mini book to attach to your page or card, or tuck into a pocket. Here's a sample using the circle mini book and pics of Grace from her visit this summer.

The heritage cookie cutter set is another add-on purchase, again in mini size to fit the mini albums, but useful in other ways too. Here I've use it to alter an album cover with the Harvest alphabet and some mini hearts.

Well, I think that's all! Whew! Is that enough for you in one release?! LOL Remember these sets are limited so please don't wait to order!!


  1. WOW, WOW, WOW!
    Love this release!! Great work.
    (Have posted link to my blog but if you would rather I didn't I will delete it immediately.)

  2. I'll second Lorna.'s comments Shar.. great work .your really made this release VERY appealing

  3. I love what you've done with the release.. You were so lucky to get the entire release at the QK retreat... sigh


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