Friday, September 18, 2009

The Story of Dorothy

It's perfectly normal for kids to go though the imaginary friend phase. In Gracie's case, her imaginary friends are tangible. Still imginary, sort of, but also the kind of friend she can carry, talk to and share with. Such was Dorothy. This is not just any old rock sitting on a piece of bubble wrap. Meet, Dorothy, Gracie's friend. "See her lying on her blanket? Grace points out. "She's having some juice before she takes her nap." And here, pictured below, is Dorothy, on her blanket of bubble wrap. These are the kind of memories scrapbooking is all about. :)

QK used on this layout:
Lace flower border
cookie cutter flower shapes
mini daisies
Maddie Anne alphabet


  1. Is that a rock? What a great imagination Gracie has.

    I love coming to your blog, especially after Gracie's summer visit. She seems to always leave you such great scrappy stories to share with us. What a gem she is!

  2. Shar ...those flowers look great..
    Now I have to get some


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