Sunday, May 03, 2009

RUN don't walk.....

....and go order the new QuicKutz Spring Gift Sets!!! If you haven't been lucky enough to see the Spring Gift Sets in person yet, you're in for a real treat when you do see them. These are fabulous. Not only are they the cutest dies in spiffy colors -- yes, the dies themselves are are colored metal! -- but the shapes are not only adorable but great sizes too. If you're thinking you already have these shapes, think again. Sure, there are several that have already been done, but these are not just redone, they are bigger and better. And the alphabets are fab too. I'm having such fun with these sets. Lucky me, I have two of them to play with already, and the other two shipping next week. OH! And each set comes with a coordinating tote bag in the color of the set. Cool, huh!?

For this first layout I've used the Enjoy set (the red one), rounded nesting squares and the instant photo die - this shape is perfect for a retro feel or for those pics that aren't exactly professional quality or need some of the background junk cropped out (as with these pics of my daughter in 1978!) The sunglasses are from the Relax set. *You know just occured to me as I post this, that I forgot to make the lenses DARK for SUNglasses. DUH*

For the title on this 9x9 page of my sister and niece, Alison, I used the fonts from both Enjoy and Relax . This is Ali at swimming lessons when she was 7 months old in February 1981. She was married last summer. Wow, times flies!!!

Embellies here are also from both sets; the turtle from Relax and the swim suit from Enjoy. The new swim suits are so cute. I used the instant photo die again which I totally love. Doesn't the beachy feel to the Relax font remind you of Spongebob Squarepants -- it sure does me! I wish they had included a pineapple with the shapes! LOL

"You Shine" card --font and sunshine from the Enjoy set.

The card is made from the round contact card from the April release. I folded my cardstock before cutting the shape, making sure the fold was below the edge of the die so it would not cut two pieces.

No, this is not a new textured's my massively scarred up Revolution cutting mat that leaves this unique texture. LOL Guess it's time to change it, huh????

Next I cut one shape out of pattern paper, embellished and adhered to front of the card. (Sorry for the blur.) Add ribbon around the fold and you're done. Quick and easy but also unique and special.

My grampa is taking a cruise up the coast to Alaska in a couple of weeks so I'm sending him this card. For this card, I used the Relax set. The font is so different from any other QK fonts and just plain fun to work with. The surf is also a Relax shape and the water in the background is actually the sand from the sand castle shape in this set. The mountains are from the Germany set.

Red/black canvas tote that comes with the Enjoy set. That's a functional pocket on the front. The lining is black with white polka dots--adorable!!

Blue/clear vinyl tote that comes with the Relax set - see size in relation to the Revolution

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