Sunday, December 07, 2008

Busy, busy, busy!!!!

I can't believe it's been a week since I posted last. I've been super busy but didn't realize I hadn't been here all that time. This week isn't going to be any less busy, so if I don't post, you'll know why.

Holiday season always finds me flittering hither and yon, but this year I have even more on my plate than usual. Oh, I'm not at all complaining. I love it. And it was my idea to add these extra projects. The timing just wasn't exactly right as it turned out. LOL Randy was supposed to be gone either the weekend before or after Thanksgiving and my plan was to repaint the living room and have the tree and decorations up while he was gone. Or at least get the painting done. Then he got sick. For two full weeks!! Man, what a crimp that put in my plans!! Kinda hard to paint around him sitting in his chair either sleeping or watching tv all day. LOL He finally got some antibiotics and is doing much better this week, so I've been able to get going on my project...s - plural! However, it doesn't look like he'll be making the out of town trip now.

Every year I do a newsletter for those we don't have a lot of contact with throughout the year. So between moving furniture to the middle of the room, painting, moving it back, moving again for another coat....etc etc etc, I got the newsletter written, printed out and signed, Christmas cards all signed, lables printed, envelopes decorated and ready to mail. The ceiling and all the trim are painted a cream color called Saratoga Sand, "the green wall" is done [my accent wall] in sort of a pea soup green--sounds disgusting but, trust me, it looks really nice ;) I had it color matched to one of my favorite shades of Bazzill cardstock (wouldn't you know I don't remember the color name right now--sorry)! LOL Now I'm ready to begin the BIG part of the project tomorrow....the walls. They'll be a taupe shade called Saddlebury. I've already got new rugs, furniture covers in chocolate and taupe with burgandy and striped accent pillows, and when the room is finished I'll get new lamps.

I haven't started on the Christmas baking yet, which I usually begin Thanksgiving weekend. The house is a pit from end to end, including my scraproom, and I have birthday cards to make, an advent calendar to finish (I know, I know!!!), and soon I need to get all the kids' presents wrapped and in the mail.

It's going to be another busy week.... if you have any elves who need something to do, please send them my way, would you?! :)


  1. Why do we do this to ourselves every Christmas season? I promise myself every year that I am going to get things done early so I can enjoy the season----never happens!

    Your colors sound great. I will be watching for pics when your room is finished.


  2. I guess I just miss the hustle and bustle of having the kids home over Christmas. :) I used to so enjoy the busy-ness of the holidays with the kids' school programs, baking, decorating and all fun we had. Though, this time I can blame Randy for putting me behind schedule. Two weeks having a sick man in the house means I got little if anything done. They require more attention than a baby when they are sick! Ugh. LOL


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