Monday, December 22, 2008

Are you ready?

Well, peeps, you have only 3 days left to get ready for Christmas. Are you there yet? I would be if it were not for the weather. We've been socked in with snow, which in itself, isn't the major problem, but on top of that, Randy has been working on the truck for weeks now as it hasn't been running right. He replaces one thing and then it's something else that goes out, and it just keeps going like this. Argh! With this much snow, we can't get out in the car - it's as deep as the car is to the ground, so my packages have yet to be mailed, which means they will not arrive by Wednesday, short of a miracle. I'm sure the kids won't mind though. That will just give them another day of Christmas. :)

My welcoming Santa is up to his beard in snow! This is just left of my front porch showing the snow to be over a foot deep in this spot.

(gift tags: QK Rev0068; Fiesta alphabet)
I've been busy baking and making the usual Christmas goodies, which have come to be expected by many on my gift list. Here are just a few of this year's Kitchen Kreations.

(tag: QK KS0586; computer generated text)

Today I will put away all the baking materials, wrapping paper and clutter so I can spend the next few days enjoying the festive decorations and pretty Christmas lights.....until Wednesday when I will clutter it all up again getting a start on all the goodies for Christmas dinner! LOL

And one more picture. :) Joey loves the snow! She rolls around in it on her back and flings snow all over herself with her paws like a little kid making a snow angel. She loves digging trenches in the snow...can you see the snow on her nose in this pic? She's so funny.


  1. Merry Christmas, Shar, and best wishes for a creative 2009!

  2. Shar...I love all your gift ideas using the QK. I think I may need to scraplift for next year. ;)


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