Thursday, October 02, 2008

Vinyl project in progress

Oh my gosh. If you haven't used the vinyl yet, get on it. I love this stuff!! I've use it in the Silhouette, the Revolution and the Cricut Expression.

For this project, I used Holly's Cricut (she INSISTED she leave it at my house while she was out of town for her sister's wedding). I really had no interest in it and didn't think I'd really like it all that much. Well, let me tell you, I have changed my mind. It's awesome and I might have to ask her about a rental plan so I can borrow it occasionally! LOL

This is not a finished project, but here's what I have so far in the kitchen up along the beam. I have 12 inches to play with so it was fun making super big cuts. Is this cool, or what??? 'Delicious' and mug are 8 inches high!! These images are from "Graphically Speaking".


  1. That's cool! Maybe you should hold it ransom. You know, possession is 9/10s the law.....

  2. LOL!!! Good idea, Jayne. I'll give that careful consideration when she calls to say she's coming to get it. Perhaps if I superglue it to the counter so it wouldn't move when she goes to pick it up.....

  3. How cute! I haven't used any vinyl yet but have thought o some cute iddeas for Sadie's room. Maybe I'll give it a try!


  4. Mae, you will love working with it. It would be super cute in the baby's room. The colors are yummy.

  5. OHKAY! Now I get it - that is SO stinkin' cute! I love the idea and it looks just adoreable in there!
    Great job!



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