Thursday, December 06, 2007

More gifts

Love this clipboard calendar idea by Leah Fung. Check it out here: Episode 59.

Clipboard gift for my dad. He is a pigeon fancier and has raised pigeons since he was a kid. He now judges bird and pigeon shows all across the country and in Canada. I was given this little bird die as a gift and had to use it for this project.

Another gift
This part is my own invention. Knowing my dad, he will lose the remaining calendar pages so I made this little pocket to hold the Feb-Dec calendars. :)


  1. Shar - thank you for sharing your blog link through the yahoo group. You have a very nice looking blog, and I love seeing your projects, they are all very cute. I am sure whoever receives any of them, will love them.

  2. Thanks so much, Carolyn! Heading off to chat here in a few....guess I'll see you there? :)


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