Saturday, October 14, 2006

Brotherly Love

The shaker is a MM tag rim with transparency window. I didn't squish the rim, just adhered it to the page with Dimensional Magic.

Chipboard buttons are an idea from a magazine. Aren't they cute?

Jeffery is an awesome big brother. From the moment Grace was born, he told her he would be her “protector”. Mind you, he was just 7 then. But he has taken on his role as big brother in all seriousness and they really do adore each other. Most of the time!

Grace decided she was going to “sell” her pictures that she drew and paced back and forth up the walk calling, “colorings for free. Beautiful colorings.” With each passing car her disappointment grew. When I told Jeffery what she was doing, he took it upon himself to walk around the block, came up the street to where she was and bought one of her beautiful colorings for a dime.

Jeffery is the coolest big brother any little girl can have.

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