Thursday, August 17, 2006

Week #9 Challenge Page

We had no intention of getting an 'older' dog when we answered the ad in the paper for registered yellow lab pups. When she told me she had already sold all the puppies I knew Randy would be disappointed, but then she said she had an older dog she was caring for temporarily until she could find her a home, if we were interested. We still had Jet, our black lab, who was getting up in years and wouldn't be able to hunt much longer and had hoped to get a pup Randy could train before Jet retired, but we decided to go take a look at the other dog just to see. She was so sweet, and she and Jet hit it off immediately. After about half an hour of play, they both hopped in the back of the truck and Joey was ours. And instead of spending $200 for a puppy, we spent nothing but the gas it took to pick up a year old dog. She is a wonderful companion and hunting partner, and a totally spoiled princess!!

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