Sunday, July 16, 2006

Lake Roosevelt

I used the journaling for a pocket and tucked in the remaining 12 pictures I took at the cabin. For the title, I used QK Studio Classic dies and cut the letters from the trim pieces I cut from the small photos of Grace on the beach. The panorama photo across the top is actually two photos I took side by side then matched them up to make a 12" photo.

Journaling reads:

March 2006
Randy was called to do some repair work on a cabin at Lake Roosevelt to ready it for the owners to put on the market. Cabin?? Ha!! It was bigger than our house. Grace was staying with us at the time and since Randy expected it would be an overnight job, it was decided we would all go. I was glad to get away for a mini-vacation. Grace was excited about "going to vacation" and must have asked a dozen times if we were at vacation yet. She still calls the cabin "vacation."

We no sooner unpacked the truck when at least ten deer come wandering through the yard. Joey scared them off before I could get pictures. The overnight job turned into 4 days and 3 nights. I was glad I packed some things in my scrap bag. Grace and I made cards in the evenings when it was too dark to be outside. We had a beautiful view of the lake from the dining room where we used the table for our scrap area. Our second day there it got very cold and then it snowed. And snowed. It was beautiful! The next day we took the bubble gun to the beach and Grace blew bubbles while Joey played on the sand.

Randy worked most of the time we were there, but was still able to enjoy the change of scenery. It was a fun little mini-vacation and the cabin sold the day after we got home.

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