Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Gracie's New Pjs

Hand drawn doodles as well as the stitching around 3 sides of the pink (scanner shaved off the bottom, sorry). Title is QK Studio Classic; flowers I drew and cut freehand as I had no pattern or dies; doodling on the flowers was inspired by a layout I saw in a mag, but for the life of me I can't find the magazine I saw them in. Grace picked out the pink flannel princess fabric that I used to make her pj pants. She loves her new pjs, as if you can't tell by her pose in this pic. LOL On the chalkboard is a butterfly she drew. Click on the pic for a clearer image and I think you can see her toenails are painted red. She loves having her toes painted.

UPDATE: You can now see this layout in the Making Memories gallery!!


  1. Love this LO! What a compliment to Grace! You should be published in a reputable mag!


  2. WOW...I am loving your stepping outside of the box...this one and the others really rock! Submit


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