Monday, July 02, 2018

Cruisin' - heading home

The people of the islands are so friendly, and eager and proud to show off their beautiful homeland. The atmosphere is relaxing and comfortable. But, by the time the end of our cruise was only a few days away, we were pretty much excursioned-out. We did have a planned excursion for this day, but it was mainly a bus tour so we decided to forego the trip and just stay aboard and relax. And Yahtzee. And drink.

Antigua from our cabin balcony.

St. Maarten
As with Antigua, we did have a scheduled excursion in St. Maarten, but again, mainly a bus tour which we skipped. We did get off the boat in port, but just a quick walk on the dock, a few pics, and back to boat for more Yahtzee and relaxation. And by relaxation I do mean cocktails.

We had a neighbor anchored next to us in St. Maarten. The Disney cruise ship, Fantasy, was fun to see. At the top level of the ship there is sort of a tube ride of some kind. We watched several of the "cars" traveling through and wondered if it would really be that much fun to cruise with kids. At our age, we decided we'll stick with less family and more adult cruises. I have to say, the music alone (blasted ALL DAY) would have made me insane before the first day was over. It was truly obnoxious. LOL

It's a beautiful day at sea, sir!
Well, our last day of cruising is upon us and now we are at sea heading back to Port Everglades. We had such a good time and can't wait to cruise again! It was such a wonderful experience not only to take my first cruise, my first trip out of the U.S., but to enjoy it with my sister was extra special.

Our last room service of the cruise. Mimosas, of course! (What did you expect....rum punch?)

Seriously, I highly recommend cruising if you haven't done so. It was the best vacation I could ever ask for. The most relaxed I have been in years, and truly the highlight of my life, thus far. (Ok, aside from the birth of my kids, but I think that goes without saying. LOL)

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