Thursday, July 05, 2012

Vertical paper holders, by me!

As I continue my purge and rearranging in the studio, it occurs to me it's been eons since I shared storage solutions and organization ideas. My plan is to get new pics to share, but I'm also thinking about repainting before I do that, so it might be a little while yet. In the meantime, here is one of the most popular ideas I've shared for keeping things neat and tidy.

These vertical paper holders have always been a popular part of my craft room. They are so easy {and cheap!} to as in basically FREE! They are made from priority mailing boxes from the post office and regular interior latex paint. I just used paint I had leftover from my craft room. I will repaint these when I decide on the new color scheme for my room.

Disclaimer: I spoke with my postmaster about using any extras for this purpose when I picked up some boxes for mailing. He gave me the ok -- just so you know I did not purposely violate any federal fine print. You do not have to use new boxes for this. Reuse/recycle used ones whenever you can. :)

This is my own pattern so if you have any questions, feel free to comment and I'll reply here on the blog in case others have the same questions. Seriously though, they are so simple I"m sure you'll have no problem following. When I made mine, I found it easiest to leave them flat, paint both sides, then do the cutting before assembling them. This way both sides match exactly.

Cutting diagram:

Top handwritten note reads: Just line up top and bottom to get the measurement for this (third ) cut.
Bottom handwritten note reads: This measurement (what will be the width of the box) depends on the size box you use. Mine are 2 3/4 inches.

There you go. I'll try to remember to post more storage and organization solutions regularly. Thanks for coming by!!!


  1. these are awesome!! Thanks for sharing the dimensions!!

  2. I do the same thing! Except, mine are done with cereal boxes, (4 kids = LOTS of cereal), for my 8 1/2 x 11. Now, I know just how to tackle my mass of 12x12 papers. Looking at a rainbow of organized paper just makes me feel HAPPY. Good luck with your room redux!

  3. I use the same boxes my measurements have been inconsistent and I need to paint mine so they look as pretty as yours

  4. Great idea...I love making useful what might have been trash!
    quilt 4 fun 2 at hot mail dot com

  5. Shar ~ OMG! How CLEVER are you! I LOVE this idea and I will take about 10 ~ THANKS! LOL! Is this a small hint of the secret paper closet! You ROCK with your ideas!

  6. Hello Shar! I'm a Central Washington resident, as well! Funny to find somebody so close to home through clicking link after link on the huge word of Pinterest!

    Well, I absolutely ADORE these boxes! I'm not very handy, but I'm fairly confident that even I can do these! Considering how much paper/magazine boxes cost, this is probably the best Pin I've found in a long time!

    Thank you so much!!!

  7. great idea i have a ton of those boxes never thought to paint them

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  9. I love this idea. Can't wait to make some. I have been buying the 12x12 at my local scrapbooking store for about $9.00 a peace. Thank you so much, you will be saving me tons of money!!!

  10. I have found that the P.O. also has new mailing boxes (not free) that you can use for 12 X 12 paper.
    They are 17 7/8" long so you can get 2 out of each box - 12" on the back and 6" on the front, so both halves can be useful.

  11. Hi, wondering if by chance you sell these?? I would love to purchase if so.I am not sure how old these posts are but the need is still there for sure and I love the colors. Thanks for sharing either way!

    1. Deb - I don't sell these but they are so easy to make. I've included all the measurements in my post so the hardest part is done for you. :) Thank you for commenting! (I tried to email you personally, but wasn't able to find an email address. sorry!)

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