Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cake pops

Look at the concentration on her face! 

Grace really went to town rolling out the cake pop balls.

And here they are wrapped up and pretty!

Now for the REAL story.....holy crap what a pain in the butt these things are to make! LOL If you plan on doing this, I very highly recommend doing a test run first so you know what you're getting into and how long it will take. My recipe suggested refrigerating for 15 minutes before coating. Ummmm....try 15 hours! No kidding. Next time I will leave them in overnight or at least all day. In the end though, they are very tasty even though they are not really round like lollipops but flat headed from cooling on the cookie pan. I didn't have any styrofoam to stand them up. That's another recommendation I will follow before making them again. But the kids love them and I sent home a box of them for all the grands to enjoy! :)


  1. i have been wanting to make these with my boys. Was it really hard?? hmmm maybe I should try it first. And maybe a Styrofoam egg carton will work to put them in? you think?


  2. They turned out so cute, Shar! I have to tell you, mine were really easy to make the first two times, but the 3rd time was awful. It was 100 degrees, and we have no air conditioning, so the candy coating would not harden! Also, my book says to freeze for 15 minutes before coating. Maybe that would help if you ever try them again.

  3. They look yummy and came out super cute... I love her expression on her face...super cute. TFS

  4. These look yummy but after your "advice" I don't think I'll be trying to make some any time soon. LOL

  5. I agree they are a pain to make but my friends really liked them so I guess I'll be making them again. But they do take all day to make. Aren't they amazingly yummy?

  6. I was dying laughing when I read this --- I have the cake pops book and thought about making them but haven't been brave enough because they look way too time consuming! Thanks for the honest opinion about them --- and they good laugh this morning! They do look really cute though!


  7. That looks super yummy! She looks like she knows what she is doin :0). Have a blessed day!
    HUgs, Carol l.


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