Saturday, April 09, 2011

Sneak peek!!!

ETA: For clarification, the lunch bag die will be part of the release. You'll purchase the die to make your own bags, not the little bags themselves. :) Sorry for the confusion! This tiny little lunch sack is part of the Lifestyle Crafts upcoming release. Official consumer release date is Tuesday, April 12. If you like this little guy I'd recommend ordering right away. I don't see this one hanging around the shelves very long!! How about this fun little idea! I like this one, especially if you have little ones at home who like to "help". Use the mini lunch sack for your grocery list and you have a handy little coupon envelope at the same time. The kids will enjoy writing your list on the cute little bag and when they finish, they can tuck the weekly coupons into the bag so they won't get lost.....the coupons, not the kids. LOL!!! Thanks for coming by. Hope you're enjoying a crafty weekend!


  1. So we purchase the little lunch sacks, not a method to make them?

  2. Oops! I wasn't very clear about that in my post, was I? So sorry!
    One of the dies in the release will be used to make the little bag. You can make them from any paper you like, I used regular lunch bags for mine.You can get two of these mini bags from one regular sized lunch bag. Cute huh!

    Thanks for asking!


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