Friday, April 08, 2011

Fry box

I really enjoy using materials for my projects that would otherwise be thrown out. Take, for example, the plastic packaging that dies come in. This one is a large size that the Lifestyle Crafts fry box came in.

To make the recycled fry box, cut away all the outside area where the plastic is folded and molded. Toss this part away.

This is what you will have left.

I was able to just barely fit the fry box die on one of the sheets of plastic. Save the other for another fry box or other project.

Run through the die cutter (I use a BossKut and run it through to the end, then carefully back the other way again so it cuts twice.). You may need to help with scissors if it's not quite cut through in some areas.

Assemble fry box using glue dots.

Embellish as you like; add a handle if you wish. I used my crop-a-dile to punch a small hole on each side and threaded narrow ribbon through the holes. Thread through a button on the inside of the box and tie in a knot. This will keep the handle secure so it won't pull through.

Now fill with jelly beans for a sweet little Easter basket. These would also make adorable teacher gifts, thank you gifts, birthday party favors, May day baskets or Mother's Day gifts too!

How many fun ideas can you come up with for the versatile fry box? Think outside the "fry box" and see what you can recycle on your next project. Thanks for stopping by the studio!

Have a GREEN weekend, crafty recyclers. :)


  1. Love this idea!! Hope you are well Shar!

  2. Very cute Shar. What do you do with all the goodies you create? I always feel I have to have a reason to play with my supplies.

  3. This looks cool! My SIL has this though, she mentioned she hasn't used it yet. I was checking out your blog while we were switching wifi locations trying to get her iPad data plan working.

    She follows you closely and has all the wonderful to say about you and your pretty place here in blog land.

  4. Dania - I have 8 grands so they receive a lot of my projects. :)I love sending them and they love receiving them so it all works out. LOL

    Thanks for asking!

  5. Oh you, how crafty! Love it!


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