Friday, October 23, 2009

No peeking!

I love how versatile the QK paperdolls are and with the clothes and hair you can match them to anyone you want to 'copy'. This is Gracie's first bath after her very first haircut -- she loved it as you can see. Her hair had been so long she was thrilled not to have to mess with it in the tub. Look at that grin. :)

For this little bath girl, I used the skirt, belt and tank top (cut off the straps) for her towel wrap. I love the hair -- it's the perfect match to Gracie's new haircut in the photo. To make the bubble bath, I used the top of a tree cut in pink and for the bubbles this little bling was perfect. The "rug" is the sand from the Relax gift set.


  1. Remember Paperkins? All good things DO cycle back again! Love that bathtub!

    Miss Gracie is SO BIG!! How old is she now? My gosh, time does fly. Love those black teeth :)

  2. Grace is 8 now if you can believe that. I'm trying not to. ;)


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